Dynamic event - 2005 Formula Student

My racecars – the Formula SAE days

Back in college the first team I was a part of was Formula SAE and helped build two racecars.  Since then I’ve driven a lot of fast road cars, nothing compares to the acceleration and cornering you get with a purebred racecar like we built in FSAE. After driving for 20 minutes I had bruises on my arms from cornering so hard and my legs were shaking.

It’s an annual engineering competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers where university students engineer, build, and test throughout the year and then compete in one of a few events held in the US or Europe.

I’ve always loved car’s and engineering and I was excited to build a car, but it’s been really crazy to realize how much joining that team shaped other major events in my life in the years that followed. I really cant stress enough the importance of college teams like FSAE for students who want to work in industry…. As an engineer for a car manufacture, I can say that pretty much every new engineering hire, especially for the more exciting positions, has experience in either FSAE or the EcoCAR Challenge.

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