Closeup of the Design

Wall Art Via CNC ShopBot in MDF

Taco nights have become a pretty fantastic tradition at my place in Ann Arbor. I recently joined TechShop in Detroit and wanted to use their enormous ShopBot CNC router.

The two came together in this ridiculous Taco themed mural!

The skyline is Detroit as seen from Windsor ON, and the Taco pattern was based on a graphic I found online and then redrew to work with the 1/4″ router bit. I used Adobe Illustrator for the design and VCarve Pro 6.0 for the tool paths. I painted the 1/2″ MDF board with two coats of “Squash” yellow matte spray paint. I was very surprised at how even the color turned out, especially given how poorly it looked after the first round of paint. I cut the piece in one pass at 0.12 inches of depth, at a rate of 1.67 inches / second. Here’s a video of the cutting.

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